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 Omgnoway's Intruduction.

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Omgnoway's Intruduction. Empty
PostSubject: Omgnoway's Intruduction.   Omgnoway's Intruduction. EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 8:15 pm

Hello everyone. If you remember from a long time ago...then hi...If you need help I will be on when teh server will be on. Usually I haven't played in a long time because the server has been on alot. I will be on from now on when it is online. I really wanna earn mod like Fatal Error told me to. Teh co-owner said "If you want the mod spot then play longer. Gl." Yes I will do that!
Sincerely, Your friend Timmy. (Timmy is my name...)
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Omgnoway's Intruduction.
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