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 Void Spec's

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Just Kit kat
Just Kit kat

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Void Spec's Empty
PostSubject: Void Spec's   Void Spec's EmptyWed Oct 14, 2009 7:51 am

ok funny awsome name huh well this is going to be a ranging - ags - mage its what ever u want it to be

range look
-void range (gloves to)
-Ranger boots
-archer ring
-fire arrows (11217)
-rune c'bow (if you want)
-Dragon fire shield
-Fire cape

Melee look
-void melee (gloves to)
-dragon boots
-bezerker ring
-any wep (melee)
-dragon fire shield
-fire cape

Mage Look (no void)
-full ahrims
-guthix cape
-mage book
-infinity boots
-infinity gloves
-ancient staff
-seers ring

it dosnt matter just i know we will own Very Happy

-Just Kit Kat



we will only be pking with 10 people so get your spots fast

and you know clan rules
no disrespecting anyone *noob isnt dissrespecting*
no bsing people unless they want to have a fun fite
if they say 1v1 respect that
treat every one the same.
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S3xy B3ast [N D Irish:]

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Void Spec's Empty
PostSubject: Re: Void Spec's   Void Spec's EmptyFri Oct 16, 2009 7:21 pm

I Wish You Gl with this Smile))
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Void Spec's
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